Raven Rate Control Module

The RCM uses Raven’s innovative control algorithms to make it the most precise application controller on the market today.

It fits a variety of applications—up to five product liquid and granular control, NH3 (including AccuFlow™ HP+), air cart and generic applicators. Sixteen-section control eliminates expensive skips and overlaps for all phases of your operation, from spraying to NH3, and fertilizer application to planting.

RCM is the ultimate advancement in precision and efficiency, and the next solution for your operation’s success.


  • Easily navigate and manage multiple products, tallies, and sensor data
  • Diagnostic tests and reading to easily calibrate, tune and troubleshoot system
  • Compatible with ISOBUS Universal Terminals and Task Controllers
  • Multi language support
  • IP 67 environmental rating for the harshest of environmental conditions
  • Integrated magnet mount option to easily attach and detach with any metal frame
  • Dynamically configure run screen based on operator preferences to show most relevant data during operation
Raven Rate Control Module