Raven SC1 Hands-Free Machine Steering

Coupled with a Raven field computer and GPS solution of your choice, SC1 is designed to provide cutting-edge, hands-free machine steering. Incredible accuracy at both low and high speeds up to 29 mph with quick line acquire improves efficiency and gives you the power to cover more acres in a day.

With similar functionality and user interface as RS1, the unit is designed with a simple set up and integrated help guides. The compact ECU can easily be installed in the cab and out of site. Compatible with Viper® 4/Viper® 4+ with or without internal GPS, and CR7™ and CR12™ field computers.


  • Single product node footprint with temperature compensated interials
  • Similar functionality and user interface to RS1
  • Installs in cab – out of site
  • Direct interface for ISO valve
  • Enhanced steering performance with incredible accuracy up to 29 mph
  • Machine Specific Tune Sets
  • Utilizes external GPS/GNSS with Raven 500S, 600S, or third party GPS
  • Utilizes internal Viper4(+) GPS/GNSS
  • Ability to upgrade to Slingshot with additional hardware or GPS/GNSS solution
  • Compatible with ISOBUS 11783 Curvature Messages for both ISO Steer Ready and Raven
  • Aftermarket Steering Controllers
  • Ability to configure 3rd party radio on field computer Tested and supported solutions include 450/900 Mhz AG715 radios
  • Additional radio configurations may be compatible but require additional validation
Raven SC1