360 Yield Saver

360 YIELD SAVER’s poly blocks and intermeshing bristles reduce loss two ways: by cushioning the ear’s impact – reducing butt shelling – and by capturing kernels. The bristle blocks provide a softer landing for ears which means less shelling. Kernels that do come off the cob, are captured by long-lasting bristles and delivered to the cross auger.

Increase ROI with 360 YIELD SAVER, which in side-by-side tests, was shown to save up to 85% header loss. At this rate of savings, 360 YIELD SAVER can pay for itself within the first season and generate more than a 75% ROI after three years of use. Consider the return on investment for a typical corn operation with two-bushel savings. With an eight-row head covering 1,200 acres per year, a grower could expect gross yield savings of over $16,000, with a net profit of almost $7,000.


Angled bristles fit together in a way that allows for more kernel capture.

360 YIELD SAVER consists of a traditional-style gathering chain with crop lugs and replaceable brush blocks. Blocks quickly snap and screw into position and are easily replaced at the end of the harvest season.

A corn head is a harsh environment, but 360 YIELD SAVER is built to withstand the abuse. Even when brushes show some wear, they are still delivering stray kernels and nubbins to the cross auger. Average brush block life is over 150 acres per row. Wear life of the 360 YIELD SAVER chain is a very similar to traditional gathering chains.