Harvest Solutions

yieldmonitoringYield Monitoring

Trimble® Yield Monitoring allows you to accurately view, map, and record crop yield and moisture data in real-time to instantly understand how well your crop performed. Functionality is dependent on which Trimble display you use.

Track production and operate more efficiently with these powerful features:

  • Variety Tracking
  • Moisture Tracking
  • Load Tracking
  • Auto-cut Width

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row_guidance_detailsRG-100 Row Guidance

With the Trimble RG-100 row guidance system, you can automatically adjust your combine in response to changes in the rows by using existing sensors built in to the combine head. The RG-100 system uses the Trimble Autopilot™ automated steering system to center the combine on the rows, even when they are not straight.

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cropquestyieldYield Maps

Crop Quest® Yield Maps are a good starting point for developing a site specific program for your farm. High and low yielding areas point out where we are doing things correctly and where something is limiting. Fertility, hybrid, compaction, soil, water or any number of other factors may have had an influence.

Analyzing your yield data provides insight into what is affecting yield, and your agronomists can help to determine what management options are available.

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