Trimble Displays

Trimble’s brand agnostic solutions give you the flexibility to connect any equipment, so you can complete field applications quickly and efficiently with guidance and steering products that help you accurately monitor and map field information in real time.

Find the right solution for your farm:

GFX-350 Display
TMX-2050 Display
CFX-750 Display
EZ-Guide 2050 System

Raven Field Computers

Raven offers a choice of multi-function field computers to fit your operating needs. Field computers give you command, control and improve virtually every farming function with ease. Get more with variable rate applications, auto-steering, automatic boom height and section controls, GPS-guided on-off planter controls, yield monitoring, record keeping, mapping, and wireless communications.

Find your field computer:

Viper 4+ Field Computer
CR7 Field Computer
CR12 Field Computer