Planting & Application


The Trimble® Field-IQ™ crop input control system is a flow and application control system that prevents seed, liquid and fertilizer overlap, controls the rate of material applications, monitors seed delivery and fertilizer blockage, and controls the height of spray booms. The Field-IQ system runs on the TMX-2050™ display, FmX® integrated display, and CFX-750™ display. Each of these displays supports a different combination of Field-IQ functionality—giving you the ability to choose the interface option that fits your needs.

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rawsondriveRawson Drives

The Rawson™ drive by Trimble allows you to perform single-product variable rate application control to meet the needs of specific areas of your field with a fast response drive to save on input costs and increase efficiency.


  • Drives piston pumps for more efficient operation
  • Single drive can run up to 24 row units
  • Mounts to a number of planting, drilling, air seeding, piston pumps, and strip till applicators
  • Replaces ground drive mechanisms, eliminating chains, clutches, and wheel slippage
  • Compatible with Trimble displays and works with many third party controllers

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trucountTru Count Clutches & LiquiBlock Valves

Tru Count Air Clutches and LiquiBlock valves deliver superior performance for all your planting and spraying applications. They allow you to start and stop the flow of seed and fertilizer in real-time from the vehicle cab. With almost instant activation or deactivation, there is no lag time in your operation.

Compatible with Trimble displays and a variety of other displays.

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greenseekerGreenSeeker System

The GreenSeeker crop sensing system is a variable rate application and crop vigor mapping system that offers a more efficient and precise way to manage crop inputs such as nitrogen. The system verifies in real-time the amount of nitrogen the soil has made available using complex agronomic calculations called NDVI. The GreenSeeker system then determines a fertilizer prescription for instant application so that you are applying the right amount of nutrients needed by the plant at the right time.

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greenseeker-handheldGreenSeeker Handheld Sensor

The GreenSeeker handheld crop sensor is an affordable, easy-to-use measurement device that can be used to assess the health—or vigor—of a crop. Readings taken by the GreenSeeker handheld can be used to make non-subjective decisions regarding the amount of fertilizer to be applied to a crop, resulting in a more efficient use of fertilizer—a benefit to both a farmer’s bottom line and the environment.

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weedseekerWeedSeeker System

The Trimble WeedSeeker® spot spray system is an effective solution to help you efficiently control weeds. The WeedSeeker system senses if a weed is present and signals a spray nozzle to deliver a precise amount of chemical—spraying only the weed and not the bare ground. It is most effective in areas where weeds occur intermittently.

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CapstanAG Seed-Squirter

Start your planting season with the recommended dose of liquid product at the seed level. Instead of gallons per acre, Seed-Squirter delivers the set dose per seed right where it’s most effective.

Placing the product in the ideal location, Seed-Squirter increases yields and decreases input costs.


  • Optimized inputs, maximized yields
  • Turn compensation compatible
  • Key fob controlled diagnostic testing
  • Same dose per seed independent of population
  • Instant crop dependent in-furrow application rate changes

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CapstanAG PinPoint II

PinPoint II controls flow and pressure at the nozzle in conjunction with individual nozzle boundary control provides accurate and repeatable application to achieve the desired coverage.  Speed up, slow down, turn, overlap, or any combination of those variables will not effect the consistency built into this system.


  • Individual nozzle control
  • Turn compensation
  • Real-time system feedback and diagnostics
  • Individual nozzle boundary control
  • Customized boom configurations based on user inputs
  • Droplet size remains constant through wide speed ranges
  • Blended Pulse technology
  • Constant pressure through entire duty cycle range
  • Rate Sync Predictive flow control

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CapstanAG SharpShooter with Rate Sync

Pressure control at the nozzle with speed anticipating technology offers droplet size control through extended application ranges independent of terrain or field features. SharpShooter with Rate Sync allows operators the ability to quickly adjust target pressure and duty cycle while viewing real time system performance.


  • Optimal droplet size throughout application
  • Blended Pulse technology
  • Pressure, rate, and spray pattern kept constant
  • 8:1 speed range over conventional spraying

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Precision Planting 20|20

Each step of the crop cycle must have accurate data to provide insights into what decisions should be made.  Whether you’re stopping in the field to make a fix, evaluating your approach for the next pass, or choosing your purchases for next season, you need the right data for the job. When you make better decisions for your next pass, you make better decisions next season, and throughout the future of your operation.


  • Every pass across the field needs not just data, but in-depth knowledge of the field and equipment
  • 20|20 provides a foot by foot agronomc view of your field
  • 20|20 helps you make better decisions in the moment

Precision Planting SmartFirmer

While you are planting, you might dig a few seeds per field.  More than likely you are only looking at a fraction of the seeds, and guessing that all of the ones you do not look at are ok.  The rest of the seeds are left to crossing our fingers and hoping they are in the best environment to start their journey.

With SmartFirmer you will have confidence in the environment that every seed is in.


  • Digging seeds only lets you see a fraction of a percent of seeds planted in a field
  • SmartFirmer measures temperature, moisture, and residue in the seed furrow, and displays the measurements on 20|20
  • SmartFirmer can control your seeding rate, fertilizer rate, and hybrid based on organic matter

Precision Planting vDrive

Add vDrive to your planter and experience a planter drive system that just works, because it’s simple.  Save time, money, and frustration and  keep your planter rolling with vDrive. Precision Planting’s vDrive pairs with 20|20 to eliminate the drive system and simplify how seed and insecticide meters operate.

Precision Planting DeltaForce

DeltaForce replaces the springs or airbags on your current planter with hydraulic cylinders and load cells that measure how much weight is being carried on the row unit gauge wheels and keep it consistent.  You set a weight that should be carried on the gauge wheels, and DeltaForce does the rest, maintaining the same weight on the gauge wheels of every row, even across the variation of a field or from equipment.  With DeltaForce, the hidden yield loss from compaction is eliminated, and each row is planting at the depth that was set.  Great roots, great emergence, great yields.

Precision Planting FlowSense

FlowSense tells you liquid application rate on each row.  Displayed on the 20|20 in the cab, you will know what rate each row is receiving, and be able to fix issues if they are occurring.