Planting and Application

Trimble Planting & Seeding

Enhance farm productivity with Trimble’s pioneering, user-friendly precision ag solutions intelligently designed to make your planting and seeding operations more efficient, eliminate wasted inputs, and drive farm profits.

Field-IQ Crop Input Control System
Rawson Drives
Tru Count Clutches & LiquiBlock Valves
GreenSeeker System
GreenSeeker Handheld Sensor
WeedSeeker System


CapstanAG specializes in precision application systems for the agricultural industry, primarily focusing on chemical and fertilizer application.

Precision Planting

Precision Planting products help you make the most of the equipment you already own by retrofitting your current planter, combine, or toolbar.

Raven Application Control

No matter how advanced or basic your application control system needs to be, Raven brings you the most respected products in the world. From control valves, flow meters and fluid transfer systems to spray consoles, NH3 applications and direct injection systems, Raven’s dedicated to improving your input.

Hawkeye Nozzle Control
AutoBoom XRT
Raven Rate Control Module
Sidekick Pro Direct Injection
AccuFlow & AccuFlow HP Plus
Switch Pro
ISOBUS Product Control
SCS Control Consoles
FlowMax Fluid Transfer Systems
Flow Meters


The MaggrowTec system enables the delivery of a more consistent spray profile, resulting in higher levels of pesticide coverage within the plant canopy. This allows higher coverage while using your current application rate, or the same coverage using a lower application rate.

MagrowTec Spray Technology


WEED-IT applies chemical only where plant matter is detected, helping to save you up to 90% on chemical costs and improve soil quality.