WEED-IT Quadro

WEED-IT applies chemical only where plant matter is detected, helping to save you up to 90% on chemical costs and improve soil quality.

Intelligent sensors sample the ground 40,000 times per second searching for living plant matter up to speeds of 15mph. The WEED-IT system measures the ground speed and will adjust application timing so that the target is within the spray pattern.

WEED-IT runs on a standard 12 volt system. Power is connected directly to the battery and runs to an interface box. The interface box does many tasks, one of them is to invert 12 volts up to 48 volts. A low voltage system suffers high power loss over large distances, so to overcome this WEED-IT inverts 12 volts to higher voltage levels so that power loss across large 133ft booms is minimized.

One interface box has enough power to run a 133ft system without any additional components.